1 Minute Writing Tip

Interview with Alycin Hayes - Author, Adventurer and Film Producer

October 18, 2022 Katelyn Silva Season 2 Episode 12
1 Minute Writing Tip
Interview with Alycin Hayes - Author, Adventurer and Film Producer
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Alycin Hayes is a writer of prose and poetry, an actress, filmmaker, singer, songwriter, and wildlife conservationist originally from Canada.  Much of her life has been spent adventuring all over the world.  

She performed music in the United States, Canada, Iceland, Thailand, Malaysia, and France with a wide range of musical groups and has played on several CDs. She wrote a handbook on Gourd Music and designed musical instruments for Thailand’s Elephant Orchestra's 3rd CD. 

She produced and directed the Award Winning short film “Wild Florida’s Vanishing Call” which won the 2020 Best Local Film at Cinema Verde’s International Environmental Film & Art Festival in Gainesville, Florida.  

Her children’s book “Milo & The Mustang”, about a little boy with autism and a wild horse won the R. Morrow Book Award for "Great Kid Books for Road Trips".

 Alycin’s newest book an adventure travel memoir, “Amazon Hitchhiker: A Woman’s Adventures from Canada to Brazil” is the true story of her travels in the 1970’s, hitchhiking to South America from Canada where she followed her dreams, bought an old dugout canoe to paddle deep into the dangerous, mystical Amazon Rainforest. “Amazon Hitchhiker '' has been getting 5-star reviews and is being read in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

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